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tires weren't so good in the past as now

Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Chicago roads are covered in oil. They are crazy slippery when it first rains after a dry patch....
I've been driving since 1965, when cars/trucks still used downdraft tubes to evacuate crankcase fumes. ALL roads were much oilier then than now, and the tires were not nearly as good. First rains were conducive to slip & slide action on the roads, and hard rains also produced another effect...aquaplaning.

After using the nearly bald four-year old tires that my '56 Chevy 210 had when I inherited/bought for cash (my recently-deceased aunt wanted me to have it, but my mother sold it to me and gave the proceeds to my siblings), I had to wait awhile to get new tires...Firestone Wide Ovals (new in '67).

On my first nighttime drive after installation, I was on a downhill on-ramp and aquaplaned into the side ditch, just after a heavy downpour started. Sure, I had dealt with slippery roads before, and even some ice, but the new wider tires were totally unforgiving of water underneath. I was very happy when they wore out in <5000 miles, so I could get new $10 blackwalls from a sale (better grip). Another difference from then 'til now...My wipers(vacuum driven) stopped completely, accelerating on the ramp; I never saw the standing water that I aquaplaned thru.

Nowadays, there's less oil on the roads, tires are better, wipers are electric, and I've got many years of driving experience. I use all-season tires on our DD's and X5, or all-terrains on my large pickup truck, and still slide after our N.Texas ice storms. Never contemplated two sets of tires, since summer temperatures last for extra months, and ice storms may or may not come at all (snow is truly rare). 32nd parallel weather. And, being retired, I choose not to drive on ice anymore, either.
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