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Daylight savings...what a crock of shit

This is me at 5:30pm trying to get a "quick job" out of the way because it was a balmy 8 Celsius the other day.

Running back and forth around town for the last week has been accompanied by rhythmic percussion sounds from the front end that sound all too familiar. I'm guessing it's the end links and we'll see how good I am at guessing.

Our friends at Rockauto have the highly regarded "Ultra Power" brand for $5 a side and well...who can resist at those prices??

So end links for everyone!!!

Pro tip: e46 end links are interchangeable...e53 sort of, but not really.

Good news is that I made great time doing the job the second time around

While I had the wheel off and was cursing myself for putting the right shoe on the left foot I happened to notice something

That's the dust shield making contact with the rear of the rotor. No gouges or any uneven wear but it was definitely making a sound when I spun the wheel so that should be one less random noise to track down.

Lessons learned: Look at BOTH parts to make sure they're the same...or in my case not and get some better lighting if I'm going to be working outside.
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