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Originally Posted by nick325xit 5spd View Post
My experience with winter tires is that it's drift city for me on a 2WD car. You have to have actual ice/snow on the ground to end up with more traction, unless the temperatures are cold. I will grant that it's cold (my definition is below 20 degrees) a heck of a lot more at your latitude than mine. At quasi normal temperatures wet or dry, I have not found any circumstance in which winter tires are better than a good all season.

And if you think Chicago roads are oily, try LA roads.

I can't live with winter tires year round. They are too loud, have too little grip, are too gooshy, and they struggle to survive my driving during the winter, much less when it's warm. We currently have one set for the 325iX, and that's honestly more snow tires than we actually need given the weather here.

There are not many good tests of winter tires vs all seasons in non-snowy conditions, but here is a good one that demonstrates that studless winter tires are often much better than all-seasons in wet conditions, as long as it is not super hot:

It's not close either, the studless tire significantly outpaces the all-season in the dry. And in this test they use three tires of similar quality from the same manufacturer. For this reason I use both true summer tires and studless tires on my family car, though I have struggled to find a good summer tire for my X.

I have argued with Andrew on this one before too, and I just can't believe that studless tires are generally better in the hot summer than all seasons. The data I have been able to find, and the science doesn't back that up. (I am a mechanical engineer and studied vehicle dynamics in college for several years. I can interpret a Milliken Moment Diagram or tire testing data, but never worked in the field.)

I do find it hard to believe that chicago is such a different place than everywhere else in the country and somehow studless tires are good on oil slicks. However, I recognize that Andrew has had the experiences that he has had. My only concrete conclusion is that there are many bad tires out there, and many bad conclusions have probably been drawn because of them.
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