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No shop wants to change the transmission fluid because most people don't change it until issues pop up. Then the change gets blamed when it finally seizes or reverse goes out.
ZF will tell you to gravity drain and change the filter no matter the mileage. Don't use a flush machine.
My E46 with a ZF has a Lifetime Fluid sticker on it but I actually emailed ZF and they said to change it. It now has 265,000 mi. with one of the worst transmissions put in a BMW. It's due for another change.
My E70 is overdue. The transfer case got done when the oil pan gasket was replaced at 185,000.
There may be some solenoids and seals that should be replaced while you have it open. I'm not sure. There are kits and documentation for the E46. I assume someone has it for the E70.
This may get into a long drawn out discussion on whether to or not to change, but there's no way transmission fluid keeps all its lubrication properties after 100,000 miles. I understand the argument about ports getting clogged, but that's really rare. It's normally the torque converter.
It's lifetime fluid because when the tyranny goes it cost more to replace than the value of the car.

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