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Originally Posted by josiahg52 View Post
It depends on what the shudder fix purports to fix, how it does that, and if your transmission is actually experiencing that failure mode. It might do nothing and it shouldn't need an additive like that to operate somewhat correctly. If it does something, how long will that effect last and what does it mean diagnostically for your transmission? What are your planned next steps then? Fact is, your transmission has 252k miles on it with probably zero service events which isn't half bad. All that to say, I don't think the shudder fix is a good discriminator for a transmission with this many miles on it.

ETA: Do not flush it.
Yes, in fact I have ISTA and scanned the entire car and there are no fault codes whatsoever in the transmission module.

My thinking was that this additive won't do harm to the transmission if it is in fact performing properly. But, if it's not performing properly, and the fault is with the clutches or torque converter, it will be an immediate and apparent improvement in drive dynamics and I'll know at that point that the transmission / clutch are at fault.

If I add it and nothing changes I'll continue to dig. But if it makes an improvement or "fixes" the issue then I would target my efforts on a fluid change followed by a transmission replacement if needed. I can do the work myself.

This car is so smooth and feels new. This is the only issue I'm facing. Low speed -> Mild throttle -> Shift -> Shudder -> Hesitation

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