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More updates.....
Cooling system done. Except hard lines under intake, I'll hit that when I do the m50 mod.

Tranny drained, new filter and fluid. Idiot me noticed a bag of new tranny pan screws after I torqued all the old ones back in.

Diffs drained and new fluid in.

Needed a new thermal oil sensor. Did that.. but for some stupid reason it's leaking. Next oil change I'll replace the gasket on it.

New 10.9 grade bolts and nuts on the reinforcement plate. Old ones were all different types. I got some from ace Hardware for 40 bucks.

Replaced a cv boot. The boot from fcp didn't fit right. The small end was way too small. I had to use a narrow hose clamp on that end.
I suspect maybe aftermarket axles. Especially being the axle nut was 41mm and not stock 36mm. So... I'm leaning towards some new axles. I think the decent aftermarket are called CVN.

Scored an entire bmw oem trailer hitch, module, wiring and mounting hardware for 90 bucks at the junk yard. The hitch itself they charged me 8.95. 20 bucks for all the mounting hardware. 50 for the module. Then tax. Not a bad score for that.

There was a dynavin touchscreen in it that I thought I'd be able to score for cheap... nope. 80 flipping bucks. Better to get an Avin unit new i think than try and hope that other one still works.

Anyway, wife will daily this e53 now that all the mechanical stuff is sound. Poor vert will sit and wait for repairs.

That's all for now!
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