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So I did some more reading and found the hydraulic architecture for the servotronic PS.

The servo is normally open when no power is supplied to it. Therefore, this would be considered minimum support from the PS pump and divert the majority of assist back to the reservoir (expansion tank).

Supplying the Servotronic valve with power

The Servotronic valve is supplied with power in response to the car's road speed. The power-assisted steering characteristic is memorised in a characteristic curve. The characteristic curve specifies the power based on the car's road speed.
The characteristic curve is written using 16 reference points.

The Servotronic valve is no longer supplied with power when the engine is OFF (over the PT-CAN). Minimum steering force support is set (high road speed) when the Servotronic valve is no longer supplied with power.

Equally, the Servotronic valve is also no longer supplied with power if there is a fault-memory entry.

This leads me to believe there is a fault on the SVT and its effectively turning off the powersteering, aka, no steering force by means of all the DSC issues you mentioned on the previous post.
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