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Sorry for my slow follow-up. With the holidays I haven't had time to even pull the glovebox apart for the multi-meter test just yet. I did read over on the M5board that a bad servotronic valve almost always throws a code. Otherwise, the valve seems easy enough to replace with just removal of the drivers front wheel and a couple of torx bolts to free it from the rack (assuming they don't strip). They also said 4 ohms is good but even a few ohms different is bad, FWIW. So hoping to finally test the valve resistance soon.

Since I've still got no relevant code, though, it does seem at the moment to more likely be an actual pump or rack issue in my case. Not wanting to deal with the rack itself, I can get a 2007 pump (since our X3 is 1/2008 production, but I think the pumps changed in 3/2008) and will probably see if that helps after confirming the correct valve resistance. Hopefully no pump difference for servotronic - I'm assuming just the rack with servotroinic valve would be specified differently with versus without the option. Next I just need to figure out how to get at the pump - hopefully from the top.

If the valve resistance seems okay and the pump replacement doesn't help, then I'll of course swap out the valve, code or no code, before contemplating replacement of the whole rack. R&R of that rack does not look like any fun! More soon...
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