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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
About 07-8 is newest my budget will handle. Quite surprised to have found an 08 that may be possible to work into the program.

I've driven the 35i but only after buying the 50i. (wife's car). The one I'm looking at tomorrow is 3.0si which is enough for me I'm used to my 3.0i and this will be 20% bump in HP that'll be enough to notice but still get the blast of fun difference when I drive wife's 50i.

The key to picking the car I'm looking at is adaptive drive which is nearly impossible to find on a used X5.
Have you driven a 3.0si?

It's technically more powerful, but doesn't have the sloppy torque converter that they used to make the 3.0i feel a lot more powerful than it really was. You may be disappointed.
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