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Well said! Very tactfully making a point and I agree with you.

As a longterm marketing guy I couldn't successfully do my job if I saw the way to reach a goal was B&W. I have lived by-- When I stop learning I start dying. B&W thinking is stifling and seems that it must include underling anger based on ones distorted view of the world and their place in it. I made lots of mistakes but one of the benefits of SOG is there is always a backup plan. I heard lots of I told you so from the B&W folks when I failed and it is certainly more risky to be a SOG thinker in a corporate environment but B&W thinking, IMO, eats at one's soul.

I understand the umbrella concept-we make the best decision we can at that time. I have applied that truism most of the time. However, there have been some hideous acts by human beings and some terrible circumstances where individuals have made decisions that defy simple logic, that should be crystal clear to them, where I think that behavior can be better understood and addressed outside of that umbrella. If done so what I see are intention destructive actions that they are better than at that time. When a health crisis decision is based on political affiliation rather than what is best for ones family, that has been the primary pillar of behavior since the beginning of mankind, that's not the best they could do at the time.

As an example, when a prominent figure has been vaccinated and has had the booster but touts the vaccine as ineffective and watches as the death count rises needlessly, whose personal political goals supersede their leadership responsibilities and in some cases their oath of office, I can remove all all empathy from the equation. And without sufficient empathy they have not made the best decision they could make at that time.

I think most know they are not doing the best they can but for person gain or power are willing to accept the terrible consequences of their actions. That is a stringent lack of empathy and should be dealt with accordingly, bluntly but sincerely attempting to not be confrontational. In those circumstances straightforward verifiable facts to the contrary, presented head-on without any glossing over seem to me to have a place. If empathy is still applied it will likely be seen as rhetoric or from someone who thinks they are better than others and incite more anger resulting in further imbedding their position. Most of the time it doesn't matter how one responds to those individuals, nothing will change their minds but it might generate some consideration from those that are on the fence and following the exchange.
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