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Not joking about what to use.

If you use a regular ohmmeter it will be pushing current through the airbag and monitoring the lowering of the voltage as it goes through the system and if that voltage is at or above whatever required level the airbag WILL fire.

Explosive circuits require a specialized ohmmeter known as a (blasters ohmmeter) that is calibrated to NOT set off the cap/squib, etc; but most old school guys run galvanometers due to them being a lower risk (not ZERO risk) of causing an accidental detonation.

An airbag will hit 200mph at full deployment, but an airbag not full mounted or enclosed in the fully installed position will cause even more damage than normal.

Just remember the way and direction each airbag is meant to hit you i.e. upper torso vs shoulder side and what would happen if it caught you say, in the forehead or side of the head...

Say hello to your new C2, C3 injury.

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