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Originally Posted by TheFixer View Post
Just get inpa..... it's free. You can troubleshoot and reset most adaptations with it.

You'll need PA soft to code it. It's easy to use. You can get that from Amazon. PA Soft comes with the cable.

For inpa get your cable from bimmergeeks.

On the abs module I removed from a junk x5 I just installed it, pulled it up in PA soft and changed the vin to match. Then I reset the module using inpa. Works fine. That was back in September. So, it's been good for 5 months. No issues.

Donít know if itís related but I had similar problems sent module off came back with no faults found. I checked the pump pressure and it was 8 bar. Can do this on Foxwell. Googled the p/n and found the sensor is fitted to a number of vehicles. I took one off an VW Passat cos itís on top and easy to remove. Once fitted pressure was way up ( canít remember the numbers) no more lights or problems. While lights were on I had no driving or braking problems, just lots of lights.

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