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The passenger airbag in the dash had a tricky connector as well.
A tab needed to be removed before it could be fully seated. Once I figured it out, that error disappeared.
Until I removed the tab, the connector would not sit all the way. I thought something was broken as well.
Once tab was removed, connector clicked in all the way. The the tab pushed in to secure it.

So right now I only have 4 errors left.

Passenger tensioner and belt buckle errors are probably there because I don't have passenger seat in the car right now.
I'm thinking the seat occupancy is the same problem. Once I install the seat, these should disappear.

Last issue is the battery safety terminal. It was showing short circuit to positive

I disconnected little yellow 2 pin connector in the trunk going to the battery satefy terminal and the error changed to resistance too high

I need to figure out what is shorting to the positive, where and how.
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