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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
We were in the same circumstance until 3 weeks ago. Masks, testing, yada, yada. Parents tested negative before our birthday GTG. When you or your family get it, I hope you/they experience it as mildly as we have. It may be years from now... took 2+ years to get my family. Glad it was after vaccines were available. I feel for those infected before they were as they had no choice.

What is your source for saying everyone is going to get COVID?

With Unicron, testing has proven to be incredibly unreliable, even after symptoms are displayed. Articles and studies are showing that.

The testing procedure where the results are not as reliable is the quick testing, not the PCR testing.

We have different definitions of very small. "Breakthrough" cases are incredibly common as shown by the infections on the charts below from your trusted CDC. We are about as careful as you could be, bordering on hermits. Homeschooling kids, no eating out, no in-store grocery shopping, etc.


The first chart is fully vaccinated. The one to look at is the second where the count is fully vaccinated and boosted. The percentage in the second is 7. The study is dated. It doesn't include the impact of Omicron. My guess is the breakthrough cases will increase when those numbers are available. How do you think the vaccinated and boosted become breakthrough cases? The number of breakthrough cases is not a good reason to be among the unvaccinated. Several studies, I can post them if you would like, show that those vaccinated and boosted have less severe cases.

I still advocate for getting vaccinated as I think it greatly reduces the effects you'll have. But in no way is a mandate necessary and in no way do I blame or berate anyone for not wanting to get vaccinated. We aren't "beating" covid and it isn't going away. It isn't going to kill everyone and isn't the bogey man. Every doctor I've spoken to says the same thing. It's here to stay and will be a yearly booster. Everyone should make their own choices with the information we all have access to.
About mandates, What I have said is I am not in favor of mandates but it depends on how serious COVID continues to be. I have also said if one is not part of the solution they are part of the problem, it is a patriotic duty and inconsiderate of others not to be vaccinated. COVID is a health crisis and we all need to do our part to contribute to a solution. COVID may not go away and it certainly won't with about half the nation unvaccinated. As we learn more about COVID vaccines and treatments should become more effective. I choose the position of the NIH, CDC and WHO who have access to worldwide scientific input. How many doctors did you talk to? A hundred, a thousand? Were they immunologists?

I am not debating this with you bcredliner as time has proven you to be incapable. I don't usually see your posts anymore but clicked to view this one thinking you might say something of consolation or well wishes. How stupidly optimistic of me.
I apologize. I was wrong not expressing sympathy for what your family has gone through. I'm sorry and hope everyone is feeling better.
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