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4.6 question

Gents, hoping to get a parts check from the 4.6 motor brain-trust. What I'm calling my "4.6i" threw the accessory belt just when I was really starting to trust her, after 1100 miles on the new motor. I've got the car at a local indy for a deep dive, since my money is on a mistake I made causing the belt to come apart. He's also doing a rear axle because I think I'll have a stroke if I need to do another axle any time soon.

At any rate, can you guys confirm if you have, or don't have the small idler pulley attached to the power steering pump? The part number for the pulley is 11287500560, and RealOEM refers to it as a "deflection pulley". I didn't have this on my 4.4 when I pulled it, so I didn't build my 4.6 with it. However, I lost the belt and am now wondering I screwed this up. I will say that the indy working on my X5 has owned and built several 540 based projects over the years and has seen this pulley on the 540. However, it was such a pain in the butt he said that on one of them he deleted it and drove the car with no problems for years. Neither he nor I can determine which, if any X5s have it. RealOEM refers to "automatic transmission" cars, but its anyone's guess if autos have, or don't have this pulley.

Assuming that it's not as simple as me not tensioning the thing right (could have happened, but it is pretty straight forward), the other option is that the complete accessory drive refresh kit I bought had the wrong belt included. The 4.6 belt is a different size than the 4.4 due to the harmonic balancer being a slightly different diameter.

On another note, I'm looking at a zionsville all-aluminum E53 replacement radiator for my car to replace the factory piece that was spewing old-faithful style from where the plastic meets the aluminium, at the upper hose region. Lots of money, but they are beautiful and what price peace of mind!? An electric fan swap for the oem clutch system too sounds pretty nice.

Thanks all - Brian
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