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Originally Posted by AV8R4AA View Post
Does anyone here know what, if any differences the harmonic balancer
is between the M62 4.4 and the 4.6. I’m driving a 4.6.
Asking because mine has a slight wobble and would like
to replace it with better pulley.
New is 500+
I’ve had them both in my hand, recently. I ended up getting a new 4.6 balancer for my motor build…three actually since the first two arrived damaged from BMW. The 4.4 and 4.6 cranks are different, ergo, different balancers. The 4.6 has 6 dimples drilled into its lip while the 4.4 had fewer. Three or four, I seem to recall. These extra dimples I guess serve some purpose in balancing the 4.6 crank. The 4.6 balancer is also an under drive piece which extracts a bit more power out of the motor by running the accessories slightly slower. Not critical, but I think the different number of balancing dimples are probably reason not to sub the 4.4 balancer. Although I suppose the dimples could also serve to balance the actual balancer. Although it is a pretty precisely machined pice of metal.

As you mention, they (4.6 pieces) are close to impossible to find used. I also looked for an after market from ATI, but they wouldn’t build one for me. They said all their BMW pulley/balancer orders go thru VAC, who told me “no” when I asked if they could make a 4.6 balancer. had a pretty good discount on it, and took the first two back with no questions when they both showed up damaged.
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