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you might get more than you expect

Looks like a good project (I like blue), but since it was in the possession of unknown types, might I suggest fumigating the interior; you might be receiving more than you want while working on it.

I've used Raid or HotShot fogger/fumigators to kill vermin infesting project cars (or even co-workers' cars, when I'd work on them), if they were especially dirty, smelly, visibly infested, or came from a bad part of town. HaHa, the last one is a funny; any part of any town can be bad, these days.

Of course, leather, plastic and glass need covering beforehand, to save clean-up, but carpet, the headliner, & cloth interiors just get de-loused. No clean-up afterwards. I may be the only one that has done this, but it worked for me, killing ants, roaches, presumably lice & bedbugs, too. Nowadays, Covid-carrying-cooties may be eliminated.

Seriously, good luck on your project!
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