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2005 X5 4.4 can I force the electric cooling/radiator fan to be on?

I have a 2005 X5 (E53) 4.4 (N62) with about 170,000miles (has all the options)

I recently installed the bimmerfix stent to fix the leak in the coolant pipe underneath the intake and that fix seems to be perfect. Also replaced the water pump with a new one.

Live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and it is starting to warm up with the summer highs often hitting 120F.

The car has sat for 7 months but now that it is getting warm, I would like to drive it again.

1. When I start the car, I have the AC turned on but ‘generally’ the interior AC/Heater fan has not been coming on, this is sporadic as it does turn on from time to time but most of the time, it does not matter how I try to manipulate the fan speed or temperature settings.

a. Could this be an indication of the ‘final stage resistor’ needing replaced.
The AC/Heater fan never runs with the key off though.
b. Do I need to order some canned air to clean out the little vents on the
digital temperature control panel. Sunroof has been tilted open and
there is lots of dust inside the car.
c. Does the interior AC/Heater fan really control when the main electric
cooling fan attached to the radiator turns on?
d. Could this be an indication of air still in my cooling system as if I did not get it bled enough when I refilled it and somehow the car is smart enough when there is air in the system, the fan
will not operate? I ask since last summer is when the AC/Heater fan was getting sporadic and I was needing to add coolant pretty much every time I drove it until I just parked it.
e. Any other thoughts/ideas of things for me to check?

2. The main electric cooling fan that is attached to the radiator does not generally turn on either – that is why I turn on the AC as it is my understanding when the AC is on, the main cooling fan should also turn on. Once in awhile that main electric cooling fan does turn on but it does not seem to be at full speed (this is even when the temp gauge is showing normal operating temperature pointing straight up)
a. Is it possible for me to ‘hotwire’ the main electric cooling fan to be on
all the time? I know I would need a switch of course but is it possible
for me to just force it to run at full speed with a hotwire? It really will
be a hot summer here with temperatures normally around 100F-120F. –

I have taken the car on a short drive around the neighborhood and gotten the temperature up to normal operating temperature (gauge pointing straight up) and the AC/Heater fan never kicked on the main electrical cooling fan was not operating either so I shut it off without letting it run further.

I have also kept an eye on the overflow tank and have not needed to add coolant in the several times I have started the car, let it get up to operating temperature, messed with the AC/Heater controls and shut the car down.

The battery was dead for awhile but for the past several weeks, I have kept it on a 2 amp charger so I do not believe that to be a problem. – and the car starts right up when I disconnect the charger.

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas or suggestions, I am used to a small block chevy motor in a 66 Impala where everything is easy peasy without all the computers and stuff. The Impala is a convertible and it is going to get to hot to drive the thing for awhile!


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