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take control of your fan, or fans

Originally Posted by 253movingto928 View Post
... I am used to a small block chevy motor in a 66 Impala where everything is easy peasy without all the computers and stuff....
I come with a similar automotive familiarity, having just traded my '66 Chevelle drag racer (long-unused, in the garage) for my new-to-me '01 X5 3.0i. The first thing I did (after getting the semi-functional key situation fixed) was to replace my loud, cracked, and about-to-fail viscous fan assembly with a 3000-cfm Aftermarket fan (Flex-a-lite 238, 16" diameter puller) from Amazon (despite their statement that it doesn't fit my does). This thread contains much info

I have used aftermarket fans for years, from Flex-a-lite, Hayden, or Summit Racing (plus some used fans sourced from other vehicles) on my long list of cars & trucks I've owned (mostly from General Motors), if there was inadequate cooling IMO.

If there was a hint of overheating with the factory fans, I would supplement it with an added electric fan, or even a better radiator, if necessary. I used to try different mechanical fans, but they never worked as well as electrics, which I could control by auto-thermostats or override switches.

Presently, I'm satisfied with the factory fans on my current GM stable (two have viscous fans, two have electrics), but I had read enough about the X5's inaccurate 3-stage temperature gauge (too cold, just right, too late), and the possible damage caused by the viscous fan exploding, so I bought a higher-capacity cfm fan than I needed, and use Torque Pro to get accurate coolant temperature readings. It gets quite hot in Texas, too, so why take chances?

I had confirmed that the auxiliary fan worked as it should, or I would've replaced it too, but now the new electric puller fan is set to turn on at about 175F, and while driving, it maintains the coolant at about 194F +/- a few degrees. I have an override switch if the auto-thermostat fails to function (I watch the Torque Pro display to see), and I've added another device to allow the fan to keep running after the key is switched off, without drawing down the battery (regulated by both time passed, and minimum battery voltage reached). I think the X5 is ready for summer.

I don't think this response is what you're asking for, but if you don't find that solution, you canalways take full control of both "electric" fans with just a couple of added switches.
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