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reset fuel trims; lasted about 60 miles or about an hour

With my foxwell scanner I can reset adaptations in the service main menu I think. (I never remember the exact places). I am sure the think diag will also but I'm likely to let the subscription expire on that. The foxwell is more reliable even though I do like the iPhone interface.

Have you checked your fuel pressure under load? Pumps at end of life just get weak. The FPR hides their failure for an extended time, often after more than a year you just start getting lean codes that aren't MAF or vacuum leaks.

The car measures how much fuel by assuming 50.00 psi.

If its less, even if just under high throttle you'll get lean condition. Watch a graph of your O₂ precat and see if they go lean under heavy throttle that's a big clue.
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