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reset fuel trims; lasted about 60 miles or about an hour

The reset all is the one. Some scanners will have fuel adaptation foxwell doesn't.

Tye O₂ trace shows what I described. I haven't done a trace in a while. Usually you'll get a trace peg high or low when you get off throttle and coast or wot but uner load say going up a long hill the pre cat should bounce up and down a few times a second spending about the same time up as down.

Definitely get a fuel pressure gauge. On e53 petrol model the pressure should be dead flat 50.0 1psi (but stay steady e.g. 49.5 0.05). Usually it's the FPR which has an internal o-ring that fails but second most likely is fuel pump wearing out.

Divide your total miles by your long term average speed. Eg 150000/28.5=5263.158.

Pump should last 5000-5500 hours. 6000 if lucky.

(Reminding myself my new to me e70 is about 148000/5500=26.909 so I'm probably due for a fuel pump soon. I'll maybe order to have one on hand when it fails. )
2011 E70 N55 (me)
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