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210620 divided by 28.6 equals tired FPR

210620/28.6 (these numbers are from memory, but very close to actual)=7364.33 hours, if original. It probably isn't though; surely the original owner replaced it in the past. However, the problem started surfacing on hard(er) braking on a turn, followed by acceleration, or on a sudden evasive manuever, followed by hard acceleration.

Today's SES trigger occurred when hard braking at the merging of lanes of traffic near a wreck scene, though I had been expecting the SES to appear at any time, as I watched the fuel trims grow steadily higher, with long-terms already at 11.72% each, and the short-terms fluctuating between -2.36 % and 10.17% (as observed).

I'll have to put aside some of my spending money from my upcoming camping trip, and buy the fuel pressure test kit, secretly. My wife says I buy too many things for an old retired guy (money that she wants to spend!).
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