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Originally Posted by RocketyMan View Post
On your MAF and in neutral with literally no engine load, what is your g/s on your MAF holding the engine RPM at exactly 1000 rpms? What about at 1500 rpms. Then what about at 2000 rpms.
I went outside to prepare my camper for my trip, and since I had to move the X5 aside to pull the trailer out of the garage, I grabbed these photos of my Torque Pro-dedicated phone in the X5.
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Name:  MAF graph at 1k, 1.5k, 2k rpms.jpg
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Size:  91.7 KB MAF graph at 1k, 1.5k, 2k rpms

I had trouble keeping the speed exactly on the marks of 1k, 1.5k, and 2k rpms, but it is close enough. 1k yields roughly 6 g/s, 1.5k yields about 8 g/s, and 2k rpm yields slightly over 10 grams per second.

Since a rule of thumb on a MAF's air flow rate at 500 rpm is 1 gram per second per liter of engine displacement (or 3g/s for my 3.0l), my graph is just about right at 6g/s at 1k rpms, a bit low at 1.5k rpms, and really low at 2k rpms (it should be 3x4=12 g/s). Am I reading this correctly? I did read the MAF momentarily, while driving at 70mph yesterday, it read 20+ g/s. I forgot the rpm, though.
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