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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
The 4.6is was available in 4 colors (black, imola red, estoril blue, and titanium silver). It featured 20 inch wheels, wider rims that were fitted over larger brakes than the 4.4. It also had rear fender flares along with different front and rear bumpers. The engine was based on an Alpina design. It had a beefier torque convertor. The 4.6 did have a continuous seam-welded chassis. The 4.4 HP was 290, the 4.6 has 340HP. 0-60 time for 4.4 was 7.5, the 4.6is is 6.2.The diffs ratio is 3.91. Supposedly it was not labeled an M because it was so different than M cars of the past (not a manual trans and was not rear drive)

As a diehard enthusiast, IMO, the differences are significant.
I found too, after talking to ZF, that the 5hp24 sub model in the 4.6is has an extra clutch as well. In addition to a different torque converter. I did not swap the transmission, mostly because the 4.6 version is very hard to find. Impossible on my timeline and budget. So hopefully ZF built enough margin into the version in the 4.4 that I won’t fry it.
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