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Originally Posted by workingonit View Post
After reading the above replies, here are my responses, in part:
  • 1) a cheap fuel pressure test kit, with multiple metric adapters, is on the way, since local HF doesn't have any, and a thicker Teflon tape is coming, too,
  • 3) I still have six cans of carb spray left to further test for leaks,
  • 4) I need a better heat source than a cheap soldering iron to rebuild my smoke tester,
  • 5) I found a VDO MAF on RockAuto, for $160, a lot less than FCPEuro (if I need to get another), and
  • 6) I adjusted my idle speed DOWN about 10 rpm, to 700 in gear, with A/C on, just to try M54 idles smooth anyway, at any rpm

I need to solve this problem soon, since the '04 Chevy 2500HD truck I use has a slight slip in first gear now (but not when tow/haul mode is engaged), so I need to get the X5 reliable if the Lucas Transmission fix doesn't work (again) worked for the same issue 25k miles ago. And...

I'm also about to put my wife's Cobalt in a shop, since it's been sitting a year while I replaced pads, shoes, rotors, adjusted the rear drums, bled all the lines, then replaced the master cylinder, and bled the ABS with my Foxwell, and still have spongy brake feel. I need a pro to look at it, I guess. My wife is rapidly tearing up my HHR Panel, so I need to take it back before she destroys it. And...

It's time again, to refresh the A/C on her '98 GMC pickup that she uses to haul her massive purchases of gardening supplies she consumes each spring & summer. She never drives it until then, and there's always something wrong in the A/C system (refrigerant leak, fan resistor, control panel, fan itself, leak again, rinse & repeat....), so I will be expected to fix it immediately. And...

Did I mention that the brakes on the HHR are now showing more wear from her driving it this past year just around here, than would occur when I was commuting to work daily, thru the worst traffic in Texas, in 35000+ miles per year? She stomps pedals. And...

No. For the reasons shown above, she will not get to drive the X5 until I've gotten senile or incapacitated.
Well if you are for SURE you checked all vacuum leaks, then yeah, I would suspect the MAF next. If you had an issue with the fuel pressure regulator, then it would more likely code fault. Otherwise, I'd be curious what the fuel pressure is at idle. Maybe checking fuel pressure is the cheaper option to check first.
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