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unclear reference to a larger truck

Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
140Nm (~105ft.lbs)?

140ft.lbs is VERY tight- at least on our cars!

(Maybe you are referencing a larger vehicle spec.)
I guess I didn't make the reference clear; the truck that I referred to was my '04 Chevy 2500HD WT, with eight-lug wheels. It does require 140 ft-lbs torque, which seems to have been exceeded on all three sets of new
tires I've had installed at Discount Tire and NTB. That's when I started carrying the breaker bar.

Previously, 1/2" diameter, 5-lug and even 6-lug Chevy trucks only required 90 ft-lbs (actually 65-90, prior to the mid-70's), and when they were overtightened, I could still get them loose. But, when the lug bolts/nuts went to 9/16" on the eight-lug wheels, it seems all the tire techs decided to use their most powerful impacts to secure them. I never expected the same on the X5.
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