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Originally Posted by Bogart79 View Post
What brand and model tire did you end up with?

Any noticeable difference with running that size?

Iím also looking at replacing my stock 19 inch staggered M wheels.

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Brand is nearly irrelevant in this example. The important thing would be to find the same brand and model for front and rear tires with the sizes of 245/45-19 FRONT and 275/40-19 REAR. Therefore, the circumference will be the same.

The whole point is to match the front&rear "revs/mile" as the transfer case will have less to differentiate (hopefully none) when going straight down the road. This will be the easiest on the Tcase clutches and prolong the life of the unit (you still need to change the tcase oil ever 30k miles tho regardless!).

The brand I went with was Fortune Viento FSR702. There are other brands out there. I didn't really notice any difference in the size.
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