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The final stage is complete. A correct left shaft and tie rods were installed. No more oil pan leaks! The X5 had a 322 mile ride in Oklahoma. The ride was for a BMW of Tulsa alignment. My cousin works there. He did the alignment. Drives straight as an arrow. Three corers were adjusted easily. The right rear was trouble. The adjustment slot holders were broken. To prevent movement, the washer was tack welded. (the battery was completely disconnected for minutes).
A GMIII module installation and coding fixed all the remaining small issues. Fixed with an ebay used module: interior lights, windshield washer pump, BC button functions, no more F60 battery drain, and it goes to sleep after 16 minutes.
The GMIII fixed everything so sleeping amps are factory specs, 18 mA!!

Speaking with the Jedi apprentice and another helper, they said removing the lower subframe was hard. Even with three guys. So my advise, drop the subframe 4 inches. You know the length of 4" because power steering hoses are not disconnected. The gap leaves enough room to remove the oil pan. Everything was power washed. After the trailer round trip, I drove 337 miles to Austin. It ran great after 5 months of being parked. Burned enough fuel to add fresh fuel for most of the trip. It had a full tank of gas while it was parked. It was covered by an OEM cover.
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'06 X5 3.0i - bought @143,123 miles (12/26/20)

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