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A question for the X5 3.0D series

I know that most USA E53 are petrol versions, for some reason here in down underverse, (Aus) we get the diesel as the prevalent model. We also find that we get shafted twice as much on the fuel with stories about truck diesel and premium if .

I know the benefits of bypassing the EGR and the legalities involved, but it is coming down to a situation of economy versus what comes out of the back. With always hot glow rods, fuel is not left in the chamber to be burnt out from an idle in a great cloud of toxic smoke.

My EGR is FUBAR and using a bypass is much more cheaper than a new one. The current situation is that is is mostly blocked, but can open and then stay stuck open for long periods as well, draining HP and economy. The workshop said the exhaust gas reading variation was marginal with it closed to being open and felt that the other option was a better solution, but legally could not advise nor fit it. They did show me what was needed and it is something I can do.

The next part of the question is, are all 3.0d BMW engines the same? The part I am considering will fit in and the original EGR will just attach to it, but receive no gasses. The only problem is that it does not say, fits E53 X5, just the cars.

My X5 is a 08/2006 build, so it is right at the end of the E53 series. It always causes issues when I have to order parts using V.I.N. as the preferred way of some retailers. They try to sell me E70 components. LoL. I guess it has the last of the single turbo engines and the higher HP rated.

Thx, Jeff
I own a BMW E53...Always questions, unfortunately I can rarely supply solutions. I will try to give results to my problems if they are fixed and how it was done.

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