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Transfer Case Actuator Issues?


I have two codes popping up on my 2004 E53 3.0 (129,000 miles):

Dynamic Stability Control
5DEA/ Not Present
DSC: Transfer Case: Temperature


ZKE Central body electronics
GM: Servotronic servo valve. open circuit

Not sure if they are related. They are the only codes after a recent 1000 mile road trip (I checked the TC fluid level before the trip). After doing some research I'm thinking there is something going wrong with the transfer case actuator? I don't have any warning lights on and the actuator isn't making any noise. I changed the TC fluid when that code came up awhile ago and reset the calibration.

I've always been proactive with repairs and am tempted to just go ahead and replace the actuator before the plastic gears give out.

Any thoughts?

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