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Originally Posted by TCMoto View Post
Thanks for the replies.

I'll plan on just replacing the whole actuator. I plan to keep and drive this X5 for a long time and I've already made a lot of repairs on it. The BMW gear repair kit is $100 and a Bosch OEM actuator is $400. The gear replacement repair doesn't seem too horrible but just bolting on a new unit will be much easier without the concern that I didn't do the gear correct. Is it possible for the resistor on the actuator to go bad? Should I replace that as well?

The steering is normal, not heavy. I did read that the second code could be related to the Servotronic steering. I suppose if the second code comes back after the actuator repair then I'll look into that and the SAS.

I recently replaced the rear brake hoses and the speed sensor seemed fine as in still there and connected to the knuckle and in the plastic junction box. Is it possible for those to go bad?
No problem if you want to replace the whole actuator. I was just mentioning this rotating option as it doesn't cost anything and still should work for ages. You don't even have to open the gear side. Just mark the original position of the gear. Remove motor, clean plastic debris out of the gearbox, rotate the wheel 180 degrees, add new grease and insert the motor back.

If the steering assist works correctly you don't have to worry about that solenoid code. If the code is active servotronic will go to failsafe mode and the assist is the same regardless of vehicle speed (heavier than normal rack without servotronic). This code has nothing to do with DSC or wheel speed sensors. If that rear left speed signal was lost the instrument cluster speedo wouldn't work and on GM there would be a different code "speed signal A".
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