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Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
Thanks to both of you, as always the help is greatly appreciated

To Wayne, could I not just fit the planking plate in and fit the old EGR unit over the blank plate? Seal off the vacuum line and all would look the same.

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Not quite - the blanking plate only covers the small hole in the end of the exhaust manifold, where the short pipe that run exhaust gases to the EGR connect...

The u-shaped pipe that runs from the exhaust manifold to the EGR can be discarded (or sold on eBay!).

Some versions of the EGR delete kit leave this pipe in place and provide a blanking option at the intake side - this is a good option for the more complex water-cooled EGR.

While the exhaust appears to be connected in this blanking kit, that exhaust stub is a dead-end. Note there is also a vacuum line dead-end stub included (vacuum line not currently connected).

I've read some folk suggesting that you can avoid the errors etc. by leaving the EGR unit itself connected to the vacuum line and tucked somewhere out of the way - down near the fender etc. This is NOT true, since the error is generated when the DDE turns on the EGR then fails to see an oxygen level change in the exhaust as a result. The ONLY way to avoid the error is a DDE re-map.
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