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No communication with dme or egs & other electrical issues

Hello everyone

New member here. Looking for help trying to fix an old X5.

First issue is that I'm failing to connect to my dme and egs with any tool I could have tested (INPA ISTA DIS) including some garage diag tools and Carly. Every other module I can access.
Is there something broken in my car or I need some specific files (IPO ect) that INPA doesn't have to be able to read it ?

I also have an issue with the alternator regulator who stop the charge after 30seconds-5min after engine start. So I drive with regulator disconnected. First alternator I had a battery light intermittently and I could force the alternator-regulator to charge by giving it a strong rev's up.

The car previously had a crash and I have a crash detection error in the zke module that won't go but I think there is nothing to do except change the airbag module and the airbags that have been triggered.

Even before all that it always had a radio/sound issue where it would loose sound and recover it by itself or with a small bump on the road.

My car is an X5 E53 4.4i 2001

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