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Originally Posted by 253movingto928 View Post
I have a 2005 X5 4.4 with staggered fitment.
285 45 R19 for the rear - seem only Pirelli is making them which brings them to a bit over $425usd/each.

Is there another size for the rear I can use and still be ok?

Right not much use for you but I had the same conundrum and setup and yes those tires aren't cheap especially as mine was chewing through em like hell....camber was all in range so on so forth! in the end i 'found' a set of 4 tires an rims exactly like the spare one in back, 236/65 r17, doesnt look as good sure but since then my woes are gone, even my uneven tire wear! dunno though if you source a size for the rear to be same as ones up front? be interesting to hear and know cos still got my 19" rims and if i can use the size of tire on em as you have up front maybe worth a try too
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