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178,000 and running smooth as butter. I did VST, Alternator, Battery, Head Gaskets, Coolant tank, oil cooler gasket, booster gasket, timing cover + vanos gaskets, valley pan, bimmerfix coolant exchange, booster pump gasket, CCV's, and custom 90c Thermostat.

For three years, my X5 has been bone dry, with the exception of a tiny bit of oil vapor around the oil cap and the FCP Euro booster gasket, which I'll replace again. It used to guzzle a quart of oil every 3-4 weeks, but I've not lost a single bar over the course of three oil changes.

Only complaint I have is on the 90C thermostat, which was advertised as a premium grade modded utilizing a new BMW genuine part. It's BMW genuine, but has consistently opened at 98C from the start.

Next I'll probably do a valvetronic service and full front control arm replacement. Just hoping to get a few more years out of it before I possibly go electric. Love the X, but the California gas prices have absolutely destroyed the joy I used to get from the performance aspects. Now I get depressed at every unnecessary red light.
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