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Boot flooded - new audio options

For reasons its not worth getting into too deeply, the boot of our X5 was liberally exposed to water... much of it ended up in the left hand side where the Alpine amplifier and associated audio electronics and nav equipment lives.

Cue the wife complaining to me that the speakers are making a horrible noise all the time even if she turns the stereo off.

I took apart the boot and found the alpine amp sat in a litre or two of water and everything else pretty wet too.

I've pulled it all out and emptied the water,... hopefully the harness and the connectors will have survived. I have what is quite likely to be a dead alpine amp and probably a dead bluetooth / UHF module (not that i ever knew how to get bluetooth to work in the X!).

So I guess I could just try and replace these bits with second hard parts. Will they need coding to the car if I buy new/ second hand ones?

The other question I guess is... is it even worth replacing them? Should this just be the opportunity to throw them away and replace the nav/audio system with something more modern and if so what?

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