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Originally Posted by X5chemist View Post
A Foxwell NT520 Pro is what I used to transfer case adaptation. Twice actually. Once when I bought it and replaced the gear. Second time after changing the oil.
Not sure if you need to run the adaptation routine when only replacing the gear., since the VTG does a form of calibration at each shutdown.

From the TIS: -

When terminal 15 is OFF, a calibration sequence is performed. During this calibration sequence, a certain angle setting of the VTG actuator motor has a corresponding locking torque assigned. The effects of wear are also taken into account when this is done.

The multi-plate clutch is closed fully and separated once during this calibration sequence. When this happens, the current draw is measured at the respective angle setting of the VTG actuator motor. This determines the beginning and end of the closing movement for the multi-plate clutch. The angle setting is recorded by means of the integral incremental sensor in the VTG actuator motor. These values are stored and are used as data when the car restarts.

There ARE other references in the TIS to running the routine after working on the actuator (Perform "Servomotor repair" service function) but a simple gear change (without removing the motor from the actuator assembly) shouldn't affect the calibration.
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