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Originally Posted by alberniken View Post conversion
Amazon sourced 16" fan plus adjustable thermostat with probe. The fan kit came with a thermo-switch, but there was no easy way to install it, as it would require drilling/tapping a port. The adjustable 'stat came with a probe that fit snugly in-between fins on radiator.

I went the lazy route, just to make sure all was working and I will clean up later and find a switched power signal. For now it is all tapped off battery.
When I replaced my clutch fan with a high volume electric fan see this thread: joined the thread at post #40, I found that I couldn't insert the temperature probe into the fins on my Nissen radiator (I tried two different probes). I didn't want to create a leak, so I did like andrewwyne suggested, and attached the adjustable thermostatic switch's probe to the radiator inlet, then I ran the sensor tubing on top of the radiator, and secured the adjustable switch on the other side (right side) in a waterproof plastic box (after I adjusted it to come on at 183F, so it would be working before the coolant got to 194F, when the thermostat opens).

I also had a problem locating a "switched power" circuit, so I decided to remove the positive and negative wires from the flashlight charger inside the glovebox, and used them as the switched power source.

I ran more wires from there, then behind the console to the driver's side, where I put a manual override switch (in case the thermostatic switch failed) and a Power Magic Pro BlackVue Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention Switch (so I could let the fan run after the key was off, regulated as to a set voltage drop and/or time limit). I set it to switch off at 12 volts or 10 minutes (IIRC). From there, the wiring continues thru the block-off grommet above the dead pedal, and connects to the fan wiring relay. Of course, the relay's power and ground are the jumper posts underhood!

What fan did you get? Are you sure it has a high enough CFM rating for the engine?
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Might I suggest that you reattach the factory fan shroud, as it really helps the fan pull air thru the radiator. I think that a shroud needs to cover about 70% of the exposed surface of the radiator. Naturally, since I had trouble pushing temperature probes into the radiator fins, the plastic rods that were supposed to mount the fan to the radiator posed the same problem. So, I used aluminum flat stock and zip ties to mount the fan to the original shroud, and put it back in place. Redneck engineering, but it works.
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