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I’ve only had it for 3 days. I’d been foolishly putting off buying one for too long, and it bit me last week with a dead battery in a parking garage. It could be crap, but I will say that the model just below it in their lineup was a popular mechanics best pick. I went up to the next model because it has an inverter with a cigarette lighter plug, either standalone in the car, or the battery pack has a plug and can then put out 110.

It’s heavy and just big enough to make the built in flashlight sort of a silly afterthought. The only way to charge it, out of the box, is via USB C. I thought his was odd, but it works fine. Came with a 76% charge so I plugged it into my laptop dock (about 15 watts) and it was at 100% this am and had automatically turned off. They do offer a fast charging system.
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