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Air suspension fully inflates unless I'm in transport mode.

2004 X5 4.4, single axle air suspension. Replaced ride height sensors and right rear air bag. Trying to reset system in INPA to get rid of the dreaded SELFLEVELSUSP.INACT message. Can manually set ride height in INPA to the correct value, but the minute I turn the vehicle off (or possibly before....not 100% sure on this) the rear suspension fully inflates. The only way I can set the ride height manually and have it stay there is if I turn transport mode on. At that point the ride height is steady and the truck rides fine, but I don't think it adjusts to loads-it's just static at that height.

Does this have something to do with resetting offsets? If so, can someone walk me through exactly how to do this? INPA indicates that both rear ride height sensors are working (but my Foxwell scanner is showing 0V on the left and 4V on the right, which is weird.....), so if I can get this figured out, I think I'll get rid of the message. I'm not showing any errors in the ECU for the system.

When the vehicle is at the correct height (708 mm from bottom of wheel to top of wheel arch), the offsets read as 80 on both sides.

INPA isn't very clear on how that whole offset setting process works.

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