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4x4/DSC inactive


About a year ago, I had the DSC/4x4 inactive message for the first time on my X5. This was sporadic every few weeks. I installed a new transfer case servomotor plasticgear back then. However the gear was fine and therefore did not solve my problem. I then just left it at that because the car drove normally, even when the message/lights popped up after driving a few meters.

In the last few weeks I've noticed more and more that on loose surfaces (e.g. my gravel driveway) the ABS on the front wheels kicks in briefly and lightly without me even stepping on the brakes.

Since last week it has been the case that when accelerating harder, especially out of right-hand turns, the right rear wheel starts to jerk/hop and feels like it is getting slip. The car also only seems to pull soley at the rear end. Even tho I had the 4x4 inactive warning, in the past the car seemed to still have 4x4

Then I suspected the ABS sensors/rings. I've now looked into Inpa a bit and followed the live data, wheel speeds are OK, but the front left wheel speed sensor is stored in the error memory, air gap too large.

The main problem seems to be the steering angle sensor. When I switch on the ignition it returns completely normal values, even if I steer back and forth while stationary. But as soon as I drove a few meters, the Inpa analog display suddenly jumps to zero and moments later the "DSC Christmas tree" appears in the instrument cluster. Inpa also says "5EB1 steering angle sensor... steering wheel center position unknown...

Calibration/zeroing didn't help.

But is the steering angle sensor really defective? Why does it work when car is stationary?
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