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New stable mate for the E53 and another round of FCP boxes.

So, a friend of mine left these shores to a RHD country and I picked up his 2014 535d X-drive M-sport. At 50k miles and near perfect condition, I just could not let it slip. A new stable mate!

The E53 which was running well for the past 18 months, promptly threw its toys out of the crib! A whole raft of noises inside and out, coolant leak, engine issues, suspension problems, the lot!

So, I have been tinkering for about three weeks. Installed a new fuel pump in the original frame after macgyvering something to replace the rubber bumpers between the two frame parts. They were rockhard and disintegrated when I tried to disassemble) At the same time a fresh fuel filter went in. The ignition coils were the originals and I ordered the exact same Bremis from FCP. Car runs a lot better, it would stutter badly after warming up, which I believe was just the coils. not the pump.

Front end creaked terribly. The tie-rods were also the originals, so a new set went in and did the thrust bushings again. One of the bushings was already starting to break after 20k-ish. The lower control arms are next as the ball joint boots have cracked and they started to creak badly around the straight ahead position.

Glued the headliner back to the sunroof frame at the rear edge. Still have to glue and tuck the fabric back were it belongs. This had been a source of a horrible crackling noise inside for a couple of weeks. Still have to figure out a bad squeak in the drivers seat, somewhere low on the back rest.

For the rear suspension I have a pile of stuff to put in. RR wheel bearing has been noisy for a long while. So, new wheel bearings will go in along with lower control arm bushings, ball joints and integral links as well as adjustable upper control arms. A set of Arnott air springs should fix a new sagging problem, it has started to be low on one side in the mornings.....

I have an intermittent coolant leak.... occasionally it will drop a cup of coolant overnight but not every night. I suspect the coolant pump but not had a chance to pull the splash guard. Under the radiator it is bone dry, so likely from front of the block based on where the driveway is wet.
UPDATE: I went to put the front lower control arms in but first pulled the splash guard and the coolant pump has confessed to being the culprit of the incontinence.... :-)

Last winter we used this car a lot including a 1k round trip to Toronto in March. The rear Bridgestone winter tires were bald on the inside shoulders (not a problem on the Michelin summer tires so I think this is caused by the Blizzaks having an awful stiff carcass). So, I already mounted a replacement set of rear tires (Michein Alpin 5 , much better). The winters will go back on by Thanksgiving as it is still quite balmy here.

I never cease to be amazed how much stuff this car can throw at me to fix...

QUESTION, any reason I should not used my style 74 wheels on the 5-series for winter tires? (I know I will need a15mm spacer to compensate the offset difference.)

Attached Images
2003 4.4i black ext./black int./black headliner (kid's runabout)
2014 535d X-drive, M package, silver/black interior

Sold but not forgotten:
2009 E70 35d, black ext./black int./black headliner (sold 2021)
2006 4.8iS Le Mans blue/cream int./black headliner, SOLD in 2012 sadly...

Other hardware:
2015 Cayenne S (wife's new DD and definitely wroooommmmm)
2016 Tundra 1794 edition crew cab, luxo hauler
2005 Tundra crew cab, weekend hauler. Sold after 150k very happy miles.

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