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Frau Blücher sat parked for three weeks while I was on a work trip. She did NOT want to start this morning. Fired briefly but died. Crank crank crank. Crank crank crank. Crank crank crank. Shit! Crank crank crank. Eventually she coughed and farted to life and ran fine all day. I guess the fuel pressure dropped? My F30 will sit for 3-4-5 weeks at a time and starts immediately. No signs of a fuel leak. Any suggestions, other than don't let it sit parked for so long?

Anyway, replaced the AUC sensor as it had thrown a code in the past, and removed the LH xenon and hi-beam bulb to let the housing dry out. Some moisture has condensed on the inside of the cover. I sealed it up with new butyl when I replaced the cover a few months ago so I'm not sure why it's getting damp in there.

I think the xenon bulb is dying though as it's much more dim than the other one. Those things are expensive! I have a spare from the old RH housing that I replaced after destroying the old one trying to get the clouded cover off; for some reason the LH housing had a butyl sealant that separated with heat, but the RH one had RTV sealing that absolutely would not let go. I found a replacement on the bay of E for cheap and it's fine.

Went to the pull-yer-part which got a '01 E53 3.0 in a few days ago, but someone had already pulled the two front door panels and the DLAs. I need a left-side one. I pulled the left rear DLA anyway as mine is dead, so now I have two junkyard ones that may or may not work. I just haven't pulled that panel off yet. THe donor had the rear door roll-up shades which made removing the door panel a little difficult.

My car has those shades and they seem to be made of dust and gossamer, any tricks to getting the panel off without damaging the shades? What adhesive would anyone recommend to glue the panel fastener blocks back to the panel? Most of those fell out when I removed the donor one. I'd imagine mine will do the same once I get around to doing that.
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