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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
I believe that's made by Shell. S-tec sounds familiar. That's what I put in our transfer cases. Part #OIL0005 (BMW# 83222409710). Not cheap. But much cheaper than a transfer case.

Never had an experience exceeding the 1% tolerance through wear on an X drive vehicle. And we've had 5 of them now. As Andrew said, pictures and measurements would be helpful.
Won't suck on this post too much but reason for not thinking too much bout putting a different set of brand/reads up front was priort to this, i saw tread depth from front to rear was noticeable..easily more than 3mm with that logic thought putting on front albeit different brand tread I would be ok. As you say though rolling circum may have differed...but for sure this change caused the shudder/rumble....that went away when i replaced all 4 ends with same ones.
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