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letting the pro shop help out an older DIY mechanic (me)

Originally Posted by Peezen View Post
Ok so I took it to the shop and they said the bled the brakes and machine bled them but the pedal is still soft.

Said that they suspect that the MC is faulty or wasnít bench bled properly before install. It is a brand new MC and I did somewhat bench bleed the MC though Iím not sure if I did it enough.

Is this not something a shop could take care of?

How aggravating!
Tell me about it; at my age (73) and having bad knees and back, undercar brake work is now farmed out to a pro shop, after 55+ years of me doing it all on my own.

I just (today) got my wife's '98 GMC back from a shop where I had them replace rear drum brakes (wheel cylinders, shoes, drums), replace broken/rusted bleeders on the front calipers (pads & rotors still 70%), then replace all the old fluid and powerbleed the system. The truck only gets used 2-4 times a year, and I needed pros to get everything unstuck for me (I can no longer crawl under a truck repeatedly to do the brakes by myself anymore) so it was worth a few hundred to get it done for me (they also had to replace a couple of wheel studs, etc.).

The mechanic that handed it back to me said he bled the system three times and wished he could give it a better pedal feel (actually, it feels as it did 20 years ago, so no problem), but it's certainly better than the pedal feel I got after I did much the same procedures on my wife's other car, an '08 Cobalt (it also got a new MC, new front pads and rotors, all done by me). I could not get a totally firm pedal even after using a Motive Products powerbleeder and my NT510 Elite scan tool, multiple times, over three years. I sold the Cobalt last month, and the proceeds paid for the brake work and new tires on the GMC (with some left over $$).

If you don't like the pedal feel, by all means get a second opinion. In my opinion, the Cobalt brakes felt good enough, but my wife didn't agree, and I was just about to put it in the pro shop for a second look at my handiwork, when the wife bought a low-mileage (55k miles) '14 Lexus ES350 from an acquaintance/friend of a friend, and I sold the Cobalt within a week. I certainly took advantage of the extra cash to upgrade her truck, so I wouldn't be second-guessed by the wife (who thinks I'm too old to be crawling around in the driveway, on sand and rocks, at my age). She may be right!
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