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lack of luck trumps a lack of skill, perhaps?

Originally Posted by Peezen View Post
  • 1) I have been watching videos for the e39 and feel that I need to do a better job bench bleeding and installing
  • 2) I have the BMW specific Foxwell, I have ISTA, and I have INPA. I should be able to get the right bleeding procedure down
  • 3) I have never had this much of an issue with brakes before ....

My points of agreement:
  • 1) I've been trained at a GM tech school in '71-72, and done dozens of brake systems over the following decades, on my vehicles and others (I never worked as a pro auto mechanic, but went in another direction, so I never had my own "shop"), but I know that I bled the MC and brake lines as good as I'd ever done before
  • 2) I bought my Foxwell with GM software installed a few months prior to getting the X5 (it was still being worked on by the PO, before we traded Chevelle for the X5 he bought specifically for the trade), added the BMW software to it, and have used the NT510 Elite many, many times on the X5 and all four of my GM cars since then, so I should've been able to get the right bleeding procedure down on the Cobalt
  • 3) I too, never have had a soft pedal problem I couldn't resolve, before the Cobalt

So far, I've had no brake problems with the X5, but I would assume that the Foxwell autobleed procedures found in both GM and BMW software has been satisfactorily successful for others prior, and perhaps both you and I were just unlucky when we were trying to bleed our respective brakes.
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