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Originally Posted by workingonit View Post
... So, here's my question: when I remove all the obstructing covers over the rear of the engine, can I expect any difficulty upon reassembly, or possible breakage of 22+ year-old plastic pieces? ...
I doubt it - it all come apart and goes together very easily. The only exception might be the quarter-turn clips that hold down the scuttle section. These are a two-part deal, with a quarter-turn fastener fitting into a plug-in plastic "nut". I've had to replace a few of these nut - although not from breakage but from previous ham-fisted mechanics losing them while servicing the air filter (inc. the dealer!).

There's a few videos around showing how the filter housing comes out - like the one below. In this video, they remove some items I don't think are required to be removed (I never have) - the washer tank and battery cable. In fact, the way they remove the battery cable is downright dangerous! You also don't need to completely remove the rubber seals - I just pull them up and push them to one side.
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