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Originally Posted by oldskewel View Post
...The .. pic below is probably the clearest of the area in question. Two holes are plugged, and one is not - at one point I knew what that thing did, but you can probably look it up better than I can remember.

Attachment 83710....
Good photo to go by. Wonder why nobody epoxies the other two holes permanently closed, if they're not used?

By removing the plastic parts obstructing my view, I hope to see (with my fading vision) what or if anything is amiss back there. In the garage bay, with better lighting, a remote viewing tool, no wind (and with my electric fan do I temporaily turn-off the aux fan, too?) I may be able to see a faint whiff of smoke previously unseen before.

Or I may just replace all aged vacuum hoses and caps straight away. I have a few feet of silicone tubing, and assorted rubber caps on hand, but I'll probably need to order parts as well. I won't know until I see for myself, first.

I got quotes of $150 and $160 for a smoke test at two local shops, so If I can't use my tester, or visually find a "mystery" leak, then I'm gonna need a smoke tester from Amazon or Ebay, or should I just start replacing everything I can reach?
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