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More weirdness.

I left the car on the weekend with the nav unit removed. Car went to sleep, bluetooth on the GROM disconnected from my phone. Seemed ok(ish) with a somewhat high draw but at least the GROM was turning off correctly.

Last night, so several days later, the GROM woke up. I noticed because it seems pretty aggressive in connecting to my phone and even when I’m in the house it will connect to the GROM and I lose my audio which is quite annoying but right now I guess useful too as it alerts me to some weirdness.

So what the heck is causing the GROM, which I guess to the car is just a CD player, to wake up several days later and stay on (its still on right now).

I don’t have the ammeter connected anymore so can’t see the current draw unfortunately but I’ve ordered a Bluetooth connected ammeter with data logger so I can leave it connected with the car again for a few days.

I guess maybe the GROM has become faulty?
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