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Originally Posted by Bdc101 View Post
To make it easier to think about. Consider a 2wd car. Say you put a bigger tire on one wheel than the other. Since that tire is bigger, if it turns at the same RPM, it will be traveling a longer distance, thus it would try to turn the car in one direction all the time.

On an AWD car, instead of trying to turn the car, the front axle was trying to pull the car faster than the rear was, even though the two axles were rotating at the same RPM. The only thing that can give when that happens, is the tire sidewalls will deflect a little, because there is a great deal of force being transmitted through the differential and driveshaft, due to the fact that each axle is trying to move the car at a different linear speed. Eventually the force becomes too great, the tire skids and then the sidewall unloads and the process starts again, all the time, every second the car is moving. The differential will overheat doing this very quickly.
I have no idea but don't want to risk the same move again, had the car since 2008 ...and nearly any change in the driving manner I can feel.....and the change could be felt when I whacked on 2 different branded and different tread used tires at was not 'normal' so I swapped all 4 out with identical tires and all good PS this was also the first time during ownership that I didnt replace all 4 cannot be a coincidence that when i replaced just 2 things went pear shaped....
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